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How to make wine at home

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 by in Wine | 0 comments

How to make wine at home

Beginner home wine makers are often dazed by the art of making wine. The endless steps involved in the brewing jar selection, requirements, fermentation procedure, several complex chemical additives and such.

Making your own wine at home need not be a complicated process as long as you put things in right perspective and stick to the fundamental basic theory. Once you understand all this, you will be able to design your own recipes and turn any fruit juice into wine! If you ever wanted to learn how to make wine and are passionate about enchanting taste of one of the finest alcohol nectars, you can easily start making your own wine in comfort of your home within only few simple steps and some basic equipment.

One of the first and vital step is to practice proper hygiene in wine making. Microorganisms can infect your wine at any stage and if that happens, all your wine making effort will go to waste. All equipment use should be well sterilized and properly washed before and after use. Proper hygiene practice in the process will lead to cleaner fermentation, speed up the process, and greatly improve the taste of the wine and its ability to always stay fresh even in storage.

Of course, first question is: “What do you need to start making wine?”

List of basic equipment for 40 bottles of wine:

  • Grapes or grape juice (pure)
  • Bucket with lid (40 liters)
  • Hydrometer with case
  • Fermenter with cap (large, 30 liters)
  • Auto Shipon (for 30 liter fermenters)
  • Thermometer
  • Sterilizer
  • Yeast sachet
  • Mixture for wine fining
  • Cork device and corks

All of the equipment listed above can be purchased for reasonable amount, and you will need it all in order to make the perfect wine.

The most important things to pay attention to

When making wine, there are two main aspects all wine lovers should pay attention to. Main aspects of proper wine making are good temperature and cleanliness. You should take care that you are able to maintain a solid temperature of 21-26 degrees of Celsius, and you should make sure that everything that touches your mixture is clean and sterilized. It is always better to keep your wine constantly at one temperature degree constantly, than have it cold then warm, this is important as it can negatively affect the quality of the wine if not followed. Note that no air cupboards are allowed.

Making wine at home

Follow these steps carefully in order to make perfectly drinkable, great tasting wine.

  1. Make sure that all equipment is well cleaned and completely sterilized with sterilizer you have previously purchased for health reasons
  2. Take the bucket and add water in it. Add the concentrate in the water.
  3. Add yeast sachet, so grape juice and sugar could be fermented and transformed into alcohol. Wait until yeast starts working. You will know that yeast is working once you see the bubbles, which are created due to carbon dioxide reaction in the mixture.
  4. To prevent re-fermentation, use wine fining mixture to clear out your wine juice
  5. The next step would be siphoning the fermented layer by transferring the wine into the bottles. Make sure the bottles are sterilized as well.
  6. All bottles should be sealed by using corks and cork device. Plastic caps are less effective if you are planning on keeping the wine more than 6 weeks.
  7. Leave your wine to mature before you start enjoying the taste.

Wine Making at Home: Facts to Remember

You can drink your wine immediately, but in order for wine to get its great taste, you should leave it to mature for at least four weeks. However, you will need only two hours for conducting the entire process of making your wine mixture. If you are making red wine, you should probably consider leaving it to mature for more than four weeks. For supreme taste, leave the bottles sealed for 12 months. Make sure that all the bottles are kept under 21-26 degrees at constant temperature you choose in the required range. You can later add your label and enjoy the supreme taste at very affordable cost and priceless satisfaction of tasting the fruits of your effort.

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