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Pairing food with beer

Posted on Nov 29, 2014 by in Beer, Food | 0 comments

How to pair beer with food

Beer was never the first option to pair with food. It was almost always paired with wine. If you went into a restaurant and asked the waiter to pair a drink with the food, he or she would always bring over a variety of wine. However, this is changing drastically because people have discovered that beer has the ability to pair with any type of food. As a result, there have been many beer and food tasting events that have merged upwards. Beer is said to be a better option before wine and mainly because there are many different types of flavors and varieties that you could combine. Wine only has grapes as its main ingredient; beer on the other hand can consist of barley, yeast, hope, chocolates, nuts and many different spices fruits and vegetables.

Many renowned chefs have gone over the thinking process of what beer can pair best with what sort of food. The beer can complement the flavor of the food, bringing out the unique flavor of a certain ingredient present inside the type of food and enhancing the eating experience, or, it can contrast with the food, allowing a type of distinct flavor that further increases the eating experience.

Sometimes the acidity present in some beers helps in cutting through fat and oiliness. Bubbles cut through fried and fatty foods so if you happen to be eating a meal which consists of pizza, then beer will help in the cutting down of the greasiness and fat cheese of the pizza without overwhelming the dish and destroying its flavor. Beer can be extremely helpful in cutting down the fat and greasy prospects of richer foods.

With foods such as chicken, seafood and pasta, you want to have a beer that is light as you do not want to overwhelm the flavor of those foods. Even with fried foods like fries, you want to keep the high flavor profile that these types of foods usually consist of. So a light beer will do. The beer will also enhance the saltiness of the foods and you can have a better experience.

If you consume foods like steaks or any red meats, pale ale or spicier options are the best choices for you because it can balance the meat. Your aim should be to find a beer that equals the richness of your food and can balance it out.

Overall, beer has the capacity to pair with any types of food because of the complexity present in its different flavors and the refreshment it provides.



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