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Pairing Food with Wine

Posted on Nov 29, 2014 by in Food, Wine | 0 comments

How to pair wine with food

Pairing foods with wine is seen as a form of art, a science. It is done in popularity all over the world and is seen one of the best discoveries to have taken place, like they were supposed to coexist with each other. There are a few steps however that should be taken when pairing your food with wine to get the best of your eating experience and hopefully further enhance it.

Do not try and pair a high alcohol and powerful drink with a light dish or delicate dish and at the same time, do not try and pair a rich and heavy dish with a light and delicate wine selection. It never works and spoils the experience.
If your meal happens to consist of high carb and fat foods such as pizza or pasta, then wine with high acidity is the best option. Many people avoid wine with high acidity, but it does wonders for high fat and greasy foods as the acidity kills and cuts through most of the fattiness of the food without overwhelming the flavor and keeps the eating experience pleasurable.

When choosing a pair for your food, what matters the most is the dominance of the flavors of the dishes and whether the wine we choose will compliment it and contrast with it. In these cases the producer of the wine matters a lot, also the variety of grape that the producer uses and how much of acidity is present in that said grape.

These are some of the best wines you could get for the type of food;

Chicken: wine that is very fruity and sweet is always a good option as it adds a little flavor to the chicken, especially if its roasted chicken.
Dark chocolate: chocolate has been one of the hardest type to find pairs with, but a wine with a high acidity level and sweetness works perfectly. A wine such as Madiera is perfect.
Seafood: pairing with seafoods is quite simple. All you need is a wine with a high acidity level and has a strong flavor.
Salty items: champagne is the best to go with anything salty.
Spicy items: a sweet wine with a low level of acidity is the best option to pair with eating spicy foods. High acidity helps with making the spiciness even stronger so unless you enjoy fire in your mouth then go ahead with a high acidic wine.

Wine has been and will always be the best option to pair with any types of food and is responsible for bringing out the richness in certain flavors and while there may not be many combinations, the ones that pair nicely are quite heavenly and enhance your eating experience.

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